Activity Ideas for the week of November 22, 2021

11/22/67 – The Beatles released their “Magical Mystery Tour” Album 

All you Need is Love and Penny Lane are a few of the songs that came from this album.   

Discussion ideas: What was your favorite Beatles song? Listen to your their favorite Beatles album.

This was also the day President Kennedy was killed in 1963. 

Discussion ideas: Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news? How did the assassination of President Kennedy impact you or your family members?

11/23 – In 1963, Lyndon Johnson became President

Discussion idea: What are your thoughts on Johnson as a president?

11/24 – National Sardine Day

Do you like Sardines? Click here to find out what they are. Did you know they are one of the most nutritious fish on the planet?

11/25 – Thanksgiving

Click here for some information on Thanksgiving from The History Channel.  

Discussion ideas (and remember to implement your listening skills!):

What was the worst thing that ever happened to you at a Thanksgiving meal?
Did you ever volunteer at a food kitchen for Thanksgiving?
What’s your favorite dish of the Thanksgiving meal?
What are you grateful for?
What is your fondest memory you associate with Thanksgiving?

11/26 – Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is observed annually on the day after Thanksgiving. This day is part of a movement against consumerism, urging the world to change their purchasing habits in order to consume and produce less. (Out with Black Friday!)

Discussion ideas: What are your thoughts about this? Have you ever gone shopping on Black Friday? If so, what was the experience like?

11/27/42 Jimi Hendrix  was born

Click here for a video of Jimi playing the national anthem at Woodstock in 1969. He isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he had plenty of hits in the 60s, such as Purple Haze and Sexy Lady. 

Discussion ideas: How do you feel about Jimi Hendrix’s music? Maybe try playing a song or two by him to see how you feel about his greatest hits.

11/28 – French Toast Day

French toast is a simple and yummy breakfast dish. Just mix some eggs, milk, cinnamon and sugar, dip bread slices in the bowl, flip soaked slices into a frying pan till they are golden and serve with syrup. You can use the leftover bread from Thanksgiving (if there is any left!).