Activity Ideas for the week of October 25, 2021

10/25 – Monday – National Greasy Food Day

Celebrate greasy food day by ordering a pizza or picking up some French fries!

Discussion Ideas
What is your favorite greasy food?  Fried chicken, French Fries, Pizza

10/26 – Tuesday National Pumpkin Day

Celebrate by carving a pumpkin. You might also make a pumpkin pie.  Click here for the Libby’s Famous Pumpkin pie recipe on Marth Stewarts website.

Discussion Ideas
What memories do you have of pumpkins and fall
Do you like pumpkin pie?  Or maybe you like pumpkin cheesecake.

10/27 – Wednesday Navy Day

Celebrate by thanking someone who served or is serving in the Navy.

Just a note: Theodore Roosevelt was born on this day.  The Navy League choose 10/27 as Navy Day in 1922 to honor Roosevelt. 

10/28 – Thursday – National First Responders Day

Celebrate by sending cookies or a meal to your local fire station. 

Discussion Ideas
When was the last time you had to call on a first responder?

10/29 – Friday – National Oatmeal Day

Discussion Ideas
Do you like oatmeal?  How do you like it to be prepared?
Did you know Vermont leads the nation in consumption of oatmeal!

10/30 – Saturday – National Candy Corn Day

Celebrate by making cookies with candy corn colors.  Click here for the recipe

Discussion Ideas
These candies have been around since the late 1800’s but I wonder if anybody really eats them?

10/31 – Halloween

Celebrate by handing out candy
Discussion ideas
Is Halloween your favorite holiday?  What are your earlies memories of Halloween?
What is your favorite Halloween candy?

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