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caregiving relief, tips and ideas.

Monthly, you get:

  • Weekly content provided by professionals in their respective fields of expertise
  • Interviews with experts in the caregiving field on topics that effect you the most
  • Tips on developing your unique caregiving plan
older couple picking fruit from outdoor market

Nutrition Week:

  • Monthly menus to help your older adult have a variety of choices and not get bored with food
  • Learn the science behind nutrition to keep your older adult healthy and happy
  • Simple recipes to try with your older adult – don’t worry these are not complicated and won’t take up your day!

Grandmother and granddaughter sitting on couch sharing a story

Family Stories Week:

  • You’ll get tools on how to capture your family stories without worrying about where to start
  • Topics include: How to listen to a LifeStory
  • Questions to ask to bring out the stories
  • How to set up a safe place for the stories to pour out
Elderly Asian couple seated on the ground exercising

Movement Week:

  • Safety Videos to help with daily living needs
  • Stay Strong Fitness videos to follow along
  • Activity planning ideas to combat social isolation 
  • Brain training and gratitude exercises 
Elderly woman seated at easel painting

Fine Arts Week:

  • Includes music therapy designed by a licensed Music Therapist
  • Portions included each week with the other disciplines
  • Arts and crafts developed by art teachers
  • A PDF with a list of supplies needed for projects