Fighting Viruses with Baby Wipes

In my September Safety video on infection control I mentioned using baby wipes.  I have had a few questions from subscribers as to their actual infection fighting properties.  I’ll be the first to say that baby wipes do not have disinfecting properties.  What they do have is the ability to help take off fecal matter, urine and other gross germ carrying surprises that can stay on door handles, gas pumps and other surfaces.  Since baby wipes are made for baby’s bottoms, they are great for my sensitive skin; that’s why I like to use them instead of disinfecting wipes. 

“Using baby wipes in no way negates the importance of washing your hands which is the single best infection control task you should be doing often.” 

When I pump gas, I promptly wipe my hands with a baby wipe and then use it to wipe down my steering wheel, gear shift and door handles.  When my kids were little spills were common; baby wipes were used often and with great success.  You’d be amazed at the stains they can take out of carpet and upholstery. 

I personally don’t like using disinfecting wipes on my skin because I am sensitive to them, but they may be a great for others.  Remember antibacterial wipes do not kill viruses, you need to use disinfecting wipes for that purpose.  click here for a quick article from WebMD on disinfecting wipes

What’s in your germ fighting tool kit.  Leave a comment below.