What will ChatGPT mean for caregivers?

I am on several Google alerts including anything caregiver related. Every week something pops up about robots and caregiving in the future. You see this type of help generally in Japan and they are used mostly used as reminders and fetchers but with the advent of ChatGPT over the last few years we are looking at George Jetson’s maid becoming a reality soon than later? And what will this mean for caregivers.

So far, potential ChatGPT applications include exploring ways to integrate the AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT into vehicles and home systems such as Alexa. Potential programming could include managing the tech in your home like your calendar. GM, in partnership with Microsoft, is exploring ways to integrate ChatGPT into its vehicles. GM Vice President Scott Miller is claiming that “ChatGPT is going to be in everything,” and the automaker is angling to lead the charge. So far, potential applications in cars and trucks include programming your garage door opener for you and managing in-vehicle information systems. GM is also looking to make ChatGPT-powered owner’s manuals. So, when you’re getting an oil change, a technician might ask your car directly what type of oil it needs. AI could monitor your driving and body, preventing drivers from falling asleep, helping them park or alerting for blind spots. We’ll have to wait and see whether it’s a savvy navigator or an annoying backseat driver.

If you have an Alexa with a screen at home, you may have noticed alerts pop up letting you know that Alexa could tell you a joke today or show you basketball highlights from last night’s game. How can caregivers take advantage of this new and emerging technology?

Here are a few ways to use AI while we wait for Rosie to become a reality:

  1. Set reminders for medications.
  2. Set your home to turn the lights on when someone enters the room.
  3. Have your AI talk to your loved one.
  4. Have your AI monitor your loved one’s daily schedule and if it changes send a notification.
  5. Set up your grocery list based on a set menu and have the groceries delivered.
  6. Monitor your loved one’s location and give them directions if they get lost through their watch.

I believe the future of AI with ChatGPT is here and will develop fast. I still remember when the first computer came into our home in the 80’s. Now just forty years later, look where we are!

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