Should you bathe every day?

The hot new discussion on social media: Do you really need to bathe every day? That depends, say the experts. Washing daily is nice for social reasons, but not absolutely necessary to protect our health, says London-based dermatologist, Derrick Phillips, in an interview with Healthline.

According to CNN, kids only need to bathe when they get dirty, while teenagers might start to stink after just a day. And the answer varies for adults, depending on skin sensitivity, exercise schedule and other factors. The only non-negotiables, the experts say, are daily oral hygiene and regular hand-washing.

At a minimum older adults should bathe at least once or twice a week to avoid infections and skin breakdowns. In between showers, a warm wash cloth should probably be used in skin folds, genital areas and on feet. I will say that if it is not too burdensome to get someone in the shower, daily bathing can be soothing and an excellent part of an older adults regular routine. Getting bathed, dressed, and groomed sends a signal that you are ready to start the day!