How Physical Therapy Can Help You Be a Safer Caregiver

Physical therapists (PTs) can be a huge asset for caregivers

PTs can help you be a safer caregiver through answering questions about implementing home exercise programs, proper equipment use, and minimize falls and accidents. Alyssa O’Krent PT, DPT, OCS, our Physical Therapist expert, works at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists in Central Texas. Check out their website for a bunch of resources to help you be a safer caregiver.

Utilize PT as a resource before accidents happen

Some patients meet the criteria of being able to leave their home to receive PT services, but PT at home through medicare requires you to be home bound. Before you get to the point where you have to use physical therapy at home, why not have a physical therapist come out and help you prevent falls and accidents? You can get training on how to safely transfer and ambulate someone, as well as how to work on strengthening and balance.

Manage your patients’ safety needs

Caregivers are responsible for the safety of the person being cared for. Why not add a physical therapist to your toolbox as a resource to call upon to decrease the possibility of falls and accidents? Early in my career, I established connections with PT professionals, and throughout my years as a caregiver I have often reached out to my PT contact to source places for equipment and ideas for safety when performing everyday caregiving tasks (bathing, transferring, toileting).