Showing Gratitude during National Family Caregiver Month

November is a time to recognize the more than 40 million family caregivers across this country who help aging parents, ill spouses, and disabled individuals remain safe and as independent as possible. Family caregivers are often hardworking individuals who work full time, manage children, and care for their family members after hours—they are the unsung heroes of our families!

As a caregiver for my own mother who lived with us while raising my own children I understand the issues caregivers face. But I also understand the joy and satisfaction of taking care of someone you love. My children were taught the importance of caring for a family member and have many happy memories of their “Nona”.

Here are a few ideas to relieve or thank someone who is a caregiver:

1. Give them a spa day or a gift basket of essential oils, candles and bath bombs.
2. Give them a sound machine that helps with meditation and white noise for better sleep.
3. Sign them up for a meal service such as Blue Apron or Freshly.
4. Pay for some home care so they can get a few hours to themselves.
5. Send them flowers.
6. Offer to help decorate their home for the holidays.

Don’t forget to reach out to a caregiver this month and thank them for all that they do!