The Importance of Updating your Drivers License

I recently decided to update my driver’s license information online and realized that I did not have any information on who to call in an emergency. I honestly don’t remember if this is a question asked during the in-person renewal process.

As a family caregiver, consider this scenario. A friend of yours has come over to take care of your mom to give you a few hours of relief. A couple hours go by and you don’t return and you aren’t answering your phone. What is your friend supposed to do? Turns out you got in a car accident.

If you have updated information on your driver’s license, first responders and emergency personnel would alert your listed contacts who you would have let know that in any case of emergency they should go straight to your house where your mom is being cared for. As a family caregiver, you should have your “in case of emergency” and a secondary contact sections on your driver’s license filled out.

In my years as an owner of an in-home care agency for the elderly I had one instance where the husband left to run errands and did not return as planned. He passed away in the parking lot and no one noticed for hours. It was not until the police showed up at their home that we finally understood what had happened.

As a caregiver, being ready for every contingency may seem daunting but it’s the details that will help you greatly along your journey.

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